What's New in Version 2?

goBrochures v1.0 has served us well for a few years, but it was definitely time to add some new features. Here's a simple summary of the great new things to expect from goBrochures.com

One Login

This new version of goBrochures.com offers the convenience of using a single login step to order brochures from other places and to manage orders for your own guides. Once you login you will see "Send" and "Order" tabs at the top of the screen. Pretty simple...

Quick Order

goBrochures is fast, yes, but we've built in some "double-checks" along the way. The shopping cart is one such check which can be avoided (if you're really, really sure) by using Quick Order.

Quick Order is just that... an instant order. Enter the quantity, click "order" and we instantly send an email to the publisher.

My Private Listings

Our goal is to list every Official Guide on the planet... but that might take a few more weeks!! In the mean time, we've created My Private Listings to help you consolidate all your brochure ordering in one place. (more details)

Publication Date

Each listing now has a field for the publication date, which will allow customers to quickly see when a guide is available.

By Box or By Unit? You Choose!

In version 1 of goBrochures.com there was confusion when people ordered just one unit (a single copy) with the intent of ordering one box. Version 2 offers you the choice. Order how your brain works: if you think in units (copies) the choose "units"... if you think in boxes try thinking outside of them (kidding! just choose "boxes" when ordering).