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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print orders I've placed for other guides?

  • Click on the ORDER link in the top menu which will take you to your Pending Orders - Ordering page.  Choose the item from the Action drop down to the top left (above your order list).

How do I print orders that people have placed for my guide?

  • Click on the SEND link in the top menu, which will take you to your Pending Orders - Sending page and choose the option you want from the drop down menu to the top left (above your order list). The drop down is labelled "Get Addresses"

How do quanitities work when ordering?

  • All orders are placed by # of "units" or copies of a guide that you want. So if you want to order one box of guides and the publisher states that there are 60 units in each box you will place an order for 60 guides.